Freeform Cancels Comedy Series After Two Seasons

As noticed by Variety, Freeform is moving on from the Josh Thomas-starring comedy series [...]

As noticed by Variety, Freeform is moving on from the Josh Thomas-starring comedy series Everything's Gonna Be Okay, seemingly cancelling the series after two seasons. Thomas himself shared the news on social media, writing in a note: "I have news. We've decided Season 2 of Everything's Gonna Be Okay will be its last. I want to send an extra super special thanks to our cast, writers and crew who are talented, kind and passionate. We made the second season at the peak of the pandemic and everyone did such a beautiful job of keeping each other safe and happy and sometimes dancing. If any of these people ask you for a job, I highly recommend you say yes."

In the series Thomas played Nicholas, a neurotic 25-year-old who suddenly has to grapple with the loss of his father while figuring out how to be a guardian to his two teenage half-sisters. Kayla Cromer and Maeve Press starred alongside him as the sister with Richard Kind, Maria Bamford, and Adam Faison among its other cast members. The series was previously nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the GLAAD Media Awards.

"Freeform has been a dream to work with — so cool and open and sincerely progressive," Thomas added. "I'm so grateful we got a platform to make this show. I love them and they are obsessed with me, I hope we get another chance to work together. Thanks everyone! This show has been such a special experience - I got to learn so much about the world and myself while making it. You can watch both seasons now on Hulu in the US and Stan Australia."

In a follow-up tweet, Thomas confirmed he has other projects in the works as well, noting: "I'm working on a project at the moment (to be announced) and have a bunch of shows I'm getting my hustle on and will be out pitching. I'm pretty jazzed about them but will miss this show for sure. Thank you. xx"

Fans of the series were devastated to see the news from Thomas but ultimately thanked him for the episodes that they were able to see in the end. One user wrote: "really bummed to hear that the second season is the last, i'm going to miss having proper autism representation on my tv." Another added: "I lived, loved, laughed so much at every moment watching y'all"