Fresh Prince Cast Reunites on Will Smith Snapchat Show

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cast has reunited on Will Smith's Snapchat show. During the show's two-part season finale Wednesday, Alfonso Ribeiro, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, Daphne Maxwell Reid, and Joseph Marcell all joined Will From Home. It's been a long time since the show went off the air in 1996, and fans were delighted to see the cast all together again. James Avery, the actor who played Uncle Phil, passed away in 2014 from complications involving open-heart surgery. The cast made sure to pay tribute to their friend during the show. If you missed the full episode on Snapchat, the social media platform tossed two of the clips up on YouTube for everyone.

Smith's interview with the cast asked a lot of fun questions, mostly about being recognized as a part of a landmark TV show. DJ Jazzy Jeff told his friend that he, "got really, really annoyed that everybody wanted to do the handshake" from the popular program. He joked, "You would see in people's eyes when they were about to sneak the handshake and I would just grab their hand and hold it. Besides that, I'm good." The two have a long relationship that pre-dates the show during their music careers, so it was fun to see them at ease with one another.

On the Carlton front, Ribeiro revealed that he had the idea for Smith to go by his given name during the series. "We had talked and I said, 'Look, if you're ever going to do this show, you've got to be Will Smith,'" Ribeiro began.

The Fresh Prince star replied, "It was such a deep insight that you had. You said, 'Because people are going to call you that for the rest of your life!'" He wouldn't know just how right he was until later.

Smith started the show as a way to stay in touch with friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic. He shared how he felt responsible for a lot of the misinformation around it on his wife's Red Table Talk show.

"While I was preparing for I Am Legend, my character was a virologist," he continued. "So, I had an opportunity in preparation for the role to go to the CDC. There was a basic foundational comprehension of viruses and viral pathogens that I developed and it really changed my life and how I looked at the world. There's basic concepts that people do not understand… So what I wanted was for us to have now is the opportunity to just go through the basics, and then bring in the experts."

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