Game of Thrones' Battle for Winterfell Will Be an Insane "Survival Horror" Story

We're finally in the endgame now. No, we're not talking about the Marvel Universe; instead, we're focused on the battle between the dead and the living as the final season of Game of Thrones continues on HBO TV. And after a few quieter episodes, the Army of the Dead finally arrives in the next episode, and fans are gearing up for the Battle of Winterfell.

Writer and producer Bryan Cogman spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming episode, which is set to be an explosive affair filled with a lot of action, and possibly death.

While Cogman refused to reveal any spoilers, he did say "this is the dread coming to your door."

He added, "The White Walkers and the Night King are the end personified. Whatever that means to you, that's what you're going to see next week."

Cogman is aware that some fans haven't been satisfied with the pacing of the first two episodes of the final season. Both clocked in at just under an hour, while there was promise of episodes being longer than an hour before the series premiere. Well, be careful what you wish for...

"We just have to tell the story we want to tell, and feel the rhythm of the story as we're laying it out," said Cogman. "There aren't any conversations about what people are going to think. If it feels right, that's what we do. We determined pretty early on that we would explore this idea of, "What would you do if you thought it was your last night on Earth?" It felt appropriate, and even necessary, at this stage in the game — no pun intended."

After events like the Battle of Blackwater, Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards, and the Caravan Destruction, there have been some epic battles on Game of Thrones. But it looks like this one will be the largest conflict to hit Westeros — and might just be the end of the Seven Kingdoms as we know them.

Game of Thrones' final season continues this Sunday on HBO.


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