Game Of Thrones Season 8 Commentary Reveals Why Drogon Melted The Iron Throne

The finale episode of Game of Thrones featured the end of the iconic game forever. The coveted [...]

The finale episode of Game of Thrones featured the end of the iconic game forever. The coveted Iron Throne was melted to nothing by Drogon in a fit of rage from the dragon upon discovering his mother's dead body. Dany, who had been killed by Jon Snow, believed herself to be the one rightful Queen deserving of the Iron Throne, going above and beyond what it tookto claim her seat. However, when she wasn't alive to sit on it, Drogon decided that no one will. Apparently, that's the only reason the dragon needed to destroy. There's nothing more to it than that.

"If [Dany is] not going to sit on it, no one's going to sit on it," Game of Thrones co-showrunner David Benioff said on the Game of Thrones Season 8 commentary track (via EW).

This takes all of the theories about Drogon recognizing the toxicity of desiring the throne and tosses them out the window. It was never anything more than Drogon not wanting anyone else on the throne, which makes sense, given the completely simple and without-layers plot the writers went with in the show's final season.

As for Jon's decision to kill Dany in the moments before Drogon discovered her body, that was a means of preserving the lives of his own family members. "He doesn't know he's going to betray her until right at the end," Jon Snow actor Kit Harington says. "In Jon's head, it's a number of [reasons: Dany] doesn't factor in anyone else's decisions and it also means [Dany] is going to kill my sisters, so it becomes [my] family vs. her."

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Game of Thrones season eight is available on blu-ray on December 3.