Game of Thrones Ending Explained

Did you just watch the final episode of Game of Thrones? Are you sitting there wondering what the hell just happened? Do you need some help processing the harrowing events of the series, swilling a glass of rotten goat milk while someone pats your head and tells you everything is going to be ok? Well, we can't provide all of those things for you, but hopefully we can help you come to terms with what transpired in Game of Thrones' Season 8 finale.

Even though this episode had a lot of resolutions, loose ends being tied and character arcs being concluded, there were also a few major twists. Bran Stark became the King of Westeros after Jon Snow murdered Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark became the Lord of the North, and Tyrion Lannister continues to advise the rightful ruler by becoming Bran's Hand of the King.

But those final scenes left some questions, especially with some character's fates open ended.

Jon Snow might have the most divisive ending, as the man has always done what's right and paid dearly for it. He joined the Night's Watch originally and was belittled for his relationship with the Starks. He then killed his ally in order to infiltrate the Wildlings, only to be met with distrust from the rest of his crew. And he even was murdered by his own followers after letting the Wildlings come south in order to recruit them in the coming fight against the Night King.

So we shouldn't be surprised that he was forced back to the Wall after killing Daenerys. And it should be noted that he got a raw deal after the kingslaying precedent set by Jaime Lannister, but that point is neither here nor there...

Jon does survive and returns to the Wall, though his last scene shows him reunited with Tormund and his Wildling family, venturing north of the Wall. It might not be explicitly stated what he's doing, but we can safely presume that he's starting a new order in the Night's Watch. Instead of fighting the Wildlings, they have united with a greater purpose of keeping Westeros safe from whatever threats may linger in the cold.

Jon leads a group of Wildings, including women and children, past the Wall in hopes of starting something new. The Night King might be dead, but all men must die. And this new age of protectors are taking a more proactive approach in finding new threats, instead of fighting with each other.

Another question comes from Arya Stark, who previously vowed to explore west of Westeros. She already said that she wants to discover lands that no one else has been to, noting that people have yet to venture far off of Westeros' western coast. She might discover a new continent or something more, though it's unclear why no one has sailed west of the Seven Kingdoms until now.

Either way, it continues Arya on her path of charting the unknown, though she has to leave her family behind in order to do so.


Sansa, meanwhile, becomes Queen in the North. She's given her own crown and everything, and becomes a rightfully recognized ruler of Westeros and the surrounding cities in the northern part of Westeros.

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