Jon Snow's Final Fate on Game of Thrones Revealed

The end has come. After eight season, Game of Thrones shut its door at last with a truly packed finale. Millions of fans have prepared to see what would happen to their favorite characters, and many of them eyed Jon Snow in particular.

However, few could have predicted what was in store for the long-hidden Targaryen.

So, you’ve been warned! There are big spoilers below for the Game of Thrones finale. Read at your own risk!

Tonight, Game of Thrones came to an end with Jon more conflicted than ever before. After escorting Daenerys deeper into Westeros, Jon was horrified when his lover (and aunt-slash-queen) decided to burn all of King’s Landing down. The finale continued Dany’s crazed streak as she approved the slaughter of more civilians in an effort to liberate others, and this choice divide Jon from her cause.

Feeling like he had no other choice, Jon chooses to kill Dany after giving her a chance to change her ways. The decision ripples through King’s Landing as Grey Worm imprisons Jon, but his sisters Sansa and Arya are not keen on seeing their brother executed. When a council gathers in light of Dany’s murder, it is decided that Bran Stark will become king while Jon is sent back to the Wall by Tyrion as punishment in lieu of death.

The episode ends with Jon parting ways with his family for good and heading back to oversee a new Nights Watch. Reunited with Ghost, Jon decides to go beyond the Wall to keep Westeros safe from future threats now that winter has seemingly come and gone.


For fans, this fate is a bittersweet one for Jon to step into. There are plenty of wished to see the Targaryen overcome the bastard status he lived through his entire life, but Jon was never one to seek the Iron Throne. Even when the lead learned of his true royal lineage, Jon was more than happy to let Dany lead Westeros into a new future. However, Jon couldn't help but switch his allegiance when he saw madness seep into the so-called Breaker of Chains. His actions have once again ousted Jon into an outsider space, but it seems the lead is embracing his position on the Wall now. With the Nights Watch reformed under new orders, a new era has come upon Westeros, and Jon is happy to protect that future from the shadows.

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