Game of Thrones Set Photos Tease Mammoths in Upcoming Prequel Series

After seven seasons of groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed television on HBO, Game of Thrones [...]

After seven seasons of groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed television on HBO, Game of Thrones came to a close last month with a largely-despised final set of episodes. Most fans hated the majority of this last season, but that didn't stop anyone from tuning in. Several viewership records were obliterated over the course of the six episode season, which means that people are still very much invested in the award-winning franchise. In fact, HBO is already hard at work putting together a Game of Thrones spinoff, set thousands of years before the original series.

The prequel show, the working title of which is Bloodmoon, will take place in a very different Westeros. So different that it seems as though some mighty creatures could be a prominent part of the story. No, not dragons. Thanks to some set photos that have leaked online, it looks like mammoths might play a big part in this prequel, much more than they did in Game of Thrones.

A lot of the set photos so far have teased caves in the prequel series, though it's nearly impossible to tell what could be going on inside them. However, a Twitter account seemingly dedicated to following the production of Bloodmoon recently shared a new image showing off some of the signage surrounding the production. This is nothing new for Game of Thrones, as the original series used similar signs to help direct those coming to the set. However, instead of letters, these signs include pictures of mammoths.

While Bloodmoon takes place thousands of years before Game of Thrones, and mammoths are largely associated with the eras of dinosaurs and cavemen, it's worth mentioning that these creatures actually did show up in the original series. A mammoth was featured as an ally of the giants and the Free Folk in the episode "The Watchers on the Wall," attempting to break down the doors to Castle Black.

Mammoths aren't exactly new to the world of Game of Thrones, but these signs seem to indicate that they could be a much more important part of this older time period.

Are you looking forward to the Game of Thrones prequel series? Hoping to see more mammoths in the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!