This 'Game of Thrones' Translucent Night King Figure Looks Awesome in Bad Weather


When the weather is dreary, this exclusive Game of Thrones Translucent Night King Figure is at its best - or so it would seem from the image above. It definitely looks awesome in the light of a window on a snowy day.

The figure stands at 8-inches tall and is a translucent variant of a Night King figure Dark Horse released a couple of years back. That figure is currently selling for as much as $90 to $100 on eBay and from third party sellers on Amazon, so you might want to grab the variant - which is a ThinkGeek exclusive - for $29.99 while you can. You can get it here while supplies last. If you actually take this figure out of the window-box packaging, adding some illumination with different colors would definitely make it pop.


On a related note, the Funko POP! Game of Thrones Night King and Viserion vinyl figure is now available. You can grab it on Amazon for $23.89 with free shipping, which is definitely the best deal going on this very popular Funko figure.


Other new Game of Thrones Funko Pop figure releases include Daenerys seated on the Dragonstone Throne, wearing her outfit from the Season 7 episode The Queen’s Justice. You know - the one where Daenerys and Jon Snow meet for the first time. This figure can be pre-ordered right here with shipping slated for April.

Next up is another Daenerys Targaryen figure sporting her white and grey coat from the episode Beyond the Wall. You can pre-order that figure here with shipment slated for April.

Rounding out the new Game of Thrones Funko Pop lineup we have the first Davos Seaworth figure, which can be pre-ordered right here. There’s also another Jon Snow figure that's dressed for action beyond the wall. You can pre-order that figure here.

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