Ghostwriter Reboot Renewed for Second Season, Gets Premiere Date

Apple TV+ is bringing Ghostwriter back for some more adventures after the first season proved to be a success. Ghostwriter’s second season gets rolling on October 9th. The Daytime Emmy Award-winning show was one of the most lauded efforts from the young streaming service. A lot of fans were skeptical when the revival was announced. Ghostwriter was a bit of a staple for kids of a certain age back in the early 1990s. But, now a new generation gets to experience the literary-influenced adventures for themselves. In an age where anything and everything can be rebooted and remastered on a whim, it’s nice to see a show that shows respect to the Sesame Workshop original while freshening up the concept a little bit.

Writer and director Luke Matheny had his work cut out for him when approaching a series that so many held dear. But, showrunner Andrew Ornstein and the rest of the creative team banded together to accept the challenge while telling their own tales with the tools available. In a conversation with Nerdist, Matheny and Kay Wilson Stallings of Sesame Workshop talked about the new version.

“I just want to try to tell that story the best way I can, obviously keeping in mind some of the beloved components of the original,” Matheny said. “But if you’re trying to reimagine, you actually have to reimagine it, so I try not to think of the original when I’m working on this version.”

“The big change we instituted was that the ghost would be releasing fictional characters from books, which was not a component of the original,” Stallings added. “For us, that was a really cool device that would fulfill Ghostwriter’s promise of exciting kids and enticing them to read. Also, of course, the ghost would have to communicate in these cryptic written messages, which is obviously a hallmark of the original.”

Stallings added, “On the original Ghostwriter the focus was literacy and we were trying to teach kids how to read. What we wanted to do for this reimagined version was really focus on literature and opening up kids to an opportunity to learn and and experience whole new various genres of books. A lot of times when kids are this age, they’re now at that point where they’re learning to read and sometimes they get stuck in one particular genre of book, so what we wanted to do is in a really compelling story, encourage kids to explore, taste, and sample other types of books.”

Apple TV+ describes the series:


“When a ghost haunts a neighborhood bookstore and starts releasing fictional characters into the real world, four kids must team up to solve an exciting mystery surrounding the ghost’s unfinished business.”

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