'Gravity Falls' Redubbed to Remove Louis C.K.

The Disney Channel has completely removed embattled comedian Louis C.K. from its animated series, Gravity Falls.

Louis C.K. has come under fire over the last couple of months after several women came forward with sexual harassment allegations against him. The comedian was then dropped by his manager, publicist and FX, for which he produced multiple TV series.

Now, Disney and Gravity Falls have cut ties with C.K. as well, redubbing his voice work on the series.

C.K. voiced The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity, an enormous head with an arm growing out of it who asked people to get in his mouth, in just three episodes of the series. The character first appeared in the 2015 episode "Weirdmageddon: Part 1" in 2015.


"The role was rerecorded one month ago and new versions of three episodes are now on the Disney XD schedule around the world," a Disney Channel spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. "Series creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch is now credited as playing the character."

Outside of the voice sounding slightly different, there isn't any change to the character or the episodes. You can check out Gravity Falls with Alex Hirsch voicing the character in the video above.