Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Full Trailer Officially Released by Paramount+

Paramount+ just revealed the full trailer for Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. Principal McGee is still overseeing the school and it's a prequel so expect some younger versions of some familiar faces to pop up. The Pink Ladies project was announced to excitement from longtime fans who love the fist movie but never expected some new musical numbers from a streaming series. Marisa Davila's Jane, Ari Notartomaso's Cynthia, Cheyenne Isabel Wells' Olivia, and Tricia Fukuhara's Nancy provide our core group of characters for this story. There are some other newcomers like Shanel Bailey's Hazel, Madison Thompson's Susan, Jason Schmidt's Buddy, and a host of others in tow for this trip down memory lane. Check out some of the fun down below for yourself!

Here's how Paramount+ describes the upcoming prequel: "In 1954, four years before the original Grease, before rock 'n' roll ruled and before the T-Birds were the coolest in the school. It follows four fed-up outcasts who dare to have fun on their own terms, sparking a moral panic that will change Rydell High forever."

"We are thrilled to unveil our new original series that will introduce an incredible cast of young stars in the making and electrifying musical numbers you will fall in love with," Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount Television Studios & Paramount Plus Original Scripted Series, previously wrote in a statement. "Annabel and Alethea have managed to brilliantly capture the spirit of the iconic beloved classic film which like Rise of the Pink Ladies, is both set in the past but relevant to the present."

Looking For More Grease In The Meantime?

AMC Theaters is playing the beloved movie in 135 locations across the United States. They're doing it to pay homage to Olivia Newton-John and raise money for a good cause: "To honor the late Olivia Newton-John: many of our U.S. theatres this weekend will show her classic 1978 hit movie Grease, again on the big screen," AMC CEO Adam Aron said in the statement he pinned. "An inexpensive $5 admission price, and through our charity AMC Cares we will donate $1 per sold ticket to breast cancer research."

Grease: The Rise of the Pink Ladies premieres April 6 on Paramount+.

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