Harley Quinn: Gordon's Thirst For Power Sends Him on a Villainous Path

Harley Quinn's second season came to a close today with 'Runaway Bridesmaid,' and finally saw [...]

Harley Quinn's second season came to a close today with "Runaway Bridesmaid," and finally saw Poison Ivy choosing between Harley and Kite Man. While Kite Man ultimately realized Ivy didn't love him, it was interference by Jim Gordon that really set the disastrous events of the wedding into motion. After being denied a key to the city, a bitter Gordon sees Two-Face at Arkham and gets the idea to run for mayor. Two-Face convinces Gordon that busting the occasional Gotham villain isn't enough to earn him the votes, so Gordon plans to arrest all of Ivy's wedding guests...

While Gordon has faced off with Harley and crew before, this time he definitely took things a little too far. After taking the officiant's place and replacing all of the caterers with cops, Gordon planned to arrest all of the guests mid-ceremony. Thankfully, Harley was there to save the day, and the episode ended with Ivy and Harley driving off into the sunset, escaping Gordon.

Throughout the series, things haven't been easy for the Commissioner, so we're not really surprised that he snapped in the finale. Throughout the show, Gordon was always treated poorly by Batman, his wife left him, he lost the police to Two-Face, and he got so buried in his alcoholism that he was putting mayo in his booze. However, things started to turn around once he realized Batgirl was his daughter. He sobered up and took back the police force, but not getting the recognition he deserved from Gotham really seemed to mess with him.

While this doesn't necessarily mean Gordon has taken a villainous turn, his intentions were a little more selfish than usual this week, and his over-the-top behavior did make him Harley's final opposition of the season. While it's unclear if Harley Quinn is being renewed for a third season, we're interested to see what the future could hold for Gordon.

Recently, series co-creator and executive producer Patrick Schumacker took to Twitter to brainstorm an idea for the show's third season but also confirmed that a new batch of episodes are not yet in the works. Musing on the series and current events, Schumacker tweeted: "Well, I think Harley Season 3* will open with Gothamites on a Zoom screaming obscenities at Commissioner Gordon and his fellow cops. *If we get a season 3." #RenewHarleyQuinn!

The first two seasons of Harley Quinn are streaming on DC Universe.