First 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 9 Photo Revealed

The first photo from the set of Hawaii Five-0 season nine has been revealed, and it features series stars Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan.

(Photo: Instagram / Peter M. Lenkov)

Shared on Instagram by Peter M. Lenkov — one of the shows co-creators — the picture seems to depict O'Loughlin's Steve McGarrett and Caan's Danny "Danno" Williams amidst a heated debate of some kind.

In a caption on the photo, Lenkov wrote, "And away we go....," while including a hashtag to say that the "boys are back."

Many fans of the show have commented on the photo, with the overwhelming majority of them sharing how excited they are for the show to return.

"I'm getting more and more excited about season [nine] with every day passing by," one fan said., "And this pic... well, it just brings pure happiness."

"Wow! How exciting! Please work your magic this season with those adorable and amazing characters you created," another person commented. "Give us please, a bad a— detective Williams and a lot of Mcdanno!"

Interestingly, many fans echoed the sentiment that they want to see more of the McGarrett/Danno dynamic — dubbed McDanno — this time around.

"I hope this year Scott gets his leading role as used to be back in [season one], when the show was great. He's my favorite ever," someone gushed. "Need lots of Danno and McDanno."

"We need a lot more of Mcdanno this season please," anther dedicated fan begged, adding, "felt we were starved last year."

In 2016 Indiewire interview, as the show was in its seventh season, Lenkov talked about how even he was surprised that the show has the longevity it did.

"Part of it is luck, and part of it is really knowing the property very well, and knowing what ingredients to add to bring it back to life, what worked and didn’t work," he explained, regarding the formula he's used to keep it going.

Lenkov also opened up about what it's like to revive an already beloved franchise, saying that its ok for the new series to be "different" from the original.

"They don’t have necessarily be the same characters, but I wanted to use characters that did multiple episodes and bring them back," he said. "That was a way to bridge the original show and this."

Lenkov's success with Hawaii Five-O eventually led to CBS bringing him on-board to help develop their MacGyver reboot.


"It was a whirlwind sort of thing," Lenkov said. "It wasn’t like there was a plan. Maybe they thought with ‘Five-O’ I had some experience in the world of bringing a show back."

That series has since gone on to be a hit for the network as well, and both shows will return this fall on CBS.