Hulu Is Now Free With Spotify Subscription

Streaming just got a whole lot easier thanks to Spotify and Hulu. It isn't fun to pay two separate bills to stream music and TV, but now you won't have to. A new membership perk will give you both for the cost of one.

On Tuesday morning, Spotify and Hulu announced yet another exciting development in their ever-growing partnership. As of now, Spotify premium subscribers can get Hulu added on at no extra costs. That's right, Hulu is absolutely free if you pay for Spotify each month. Not a bad deal, right?

The free Hulu subscription is the option that comes with ads, but ads don't seem all that bad when you aren't paying for anything. There's no hook or catch to this new deal, other than the fact that you have to take advantage of it in the next three months. There is no expiration date once you take advantage of the offer, so the free Hulu will last as long as you keep paying for Spotify. However, there is apparently a cap on the amount of offers Spotify is allowing, though the company didn't reveal how high that number would be.

So, once you activate your Hulu/Spotify deal, the bill will cost you just under $10 each month. Hulu recently announced a price cut that dropped its ad-supported subscriptions down to just $5.99 monthly, making it one of the cheapest streaming options on the market. Still, saving $6 each month is always nice, as that totals up to about $78 each year before taxes.

If you've got Hulu and Spotify, it doesn't get much better than this deal. Just head over to your account on Spotify (it has to be in a web browser, not on the Spotify app) and you'll see the option to add Hulu to your subscription for no extra cost. Just be sure to do it sooner rather than later.

What do you think of the new Hulu/Spotify deal? Will you be taking advantage of it? Let us know in the comments!



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