Hulu Just Cemented Itself as the Best Streaming Service for TV Fans

Netflix and Disney+ have become the two most talked-about names when it comes to streaming, and each of those services are great in their own right. Netflix has some of the most popular original titles in the world, like Stranger Things and The Witcher, while Disney+ has easily the best streaming library for families. However, when it comes to television, Hulu has established itself as the best service in the game.

Hulu has always been a great source for streaming television, mostly since you can stream new episodes of network TV shows the morning after they air, but the recent addition of FX on Hulu elevates the service to a new high. FX has long competed with HBO to establish itself as the best creator of original TV shows, and now most of the network's award-winning library is streaming exclusively on Hulu. Atlanta, Justified, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Terriers, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rescue Me, and so many other great shows are now available in one place.

When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox last year, most everyone's attention was locked in on the big screen properties that would be forever changed by the acquisition. The X-Men would be able to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so on, and so forth. One of the biggest grabs in the purchase for Disney, though, was gaining FX and its entire library. What Disney chose to do with that library would be key.

Rather than taming FX for younger audiences, as some folks online feared would be the case, Disney has actually set up FX to thrive for years to come. See, Disney also owns the controlling stake in Hulu, thanks to shares it acquired from Fox and a new deal struck with NBC Universal. The Mouse House is using Hulu as a place to keep its more adult-oriented content, specifically the shows that come from FX, so that Disney+ can remain as family-friendly as possible.

All of these moves culminated in the creation of FX on Hulu. Most of FX's great shows have now been added to Hulu's lineup at no extra cost, and all new FX episodes will debut on Hulu the morning after they air. There are also future projects, like Alex Garland's highly-anticipated Devs, that will be released exclusively on Hulu, through the FX banner.


FX has long made some of the best television around. There's no doubt anywhere that the future of television is in streaming. Thanks to Hulu, cable's strongest network can continue into a new era, and it's more than worth the cost of a subscription.