Jenny Slate Cast as Miss Nanny in 'Muppet Babies'

The Muppet Babies are on their way back to TV, and it will be Jenny Slate in charge of keeping them inline.

That's because Slate has just been brought on to voice the role of Miss Nanny, the Muppet Babies caretaker during their daily adventures. Disney Junior announced the new addition to the cast with a photo of Slate in the studio, and she couldn't be more excited to be part of the new project (via SlashFilm).

"I was so exciited when they askmed me to be Miss Nanny," Slate said. "I was excited in genreal to hear the Muppet Babies were returning to television. I am a lifelong Muppet fan. I watched the original show as a kid."

As part of the announcement, Disney released a Miss Nanny starring featurette, where Slate reveals what she likes about the character.

"I think that Miss Nanny really pays attention to each of the Muppets and she sort of accepts their nature," Slate said. "You know she's not trying to get Animal to be straightlaced and not be Animal. She's a good nanny and a caretaker for them because she nurtures what they have inside of themselves, which is really really sweet."

You can watch the full featurette in the video above.

The new Muppet Babies series will feature Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Fozzy, Gonzo, and the newest Muppet, Summer Penguin. It isn't known if some of the other Muppets (Ralph, Skeeter) will make cameos in future episodes, but odds are they will.

Muppet Babies will consist of a CG animated visual style modeled after Disney's hit Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. Each episode made up of two 11 minute shorts, and the series overall is based on the original 80's classic cartoon.

Muppet Babies currently has no premiere date, but it will air on Disney Jr. later this year.