Jeopardy Leak: Watch James Holzhauer Finally Lose

Jeopardy James Holzhauer Loses Video Clip

Two factors have catapulted Jeopardy! back to the forefront of the pop-culture zeitgeist: the recent cancer diagnosis of show host Alex Trebek, and the record-breaking run of contest James Holzhauer. Well, the latter is about to reach a climatic point, but unfortunately, it may not be the outcome that a lot of viewers were hoping for.

WARNING, MAJOR SPOILER - As you can see, James Holzhauer is about to be defeated on Jeopardy!

A clip of the "Final Jeopardy!" loss that ends Holzhauer's streak has leaked online, and you can watch it for yourself early, but clicking the link in the tweet above. Here are the contextual details of the clip, as provided by The Wrap:

"In the video above, which leaked online Sunday, Holzhauer is seen losing to a contestant named Emma Boettcher, who beats the “Jeopardy” powerhouse by almost $22,000 in the Final Jeopardy round.

An employee of the CBS affiliate in Montgomery, Alabama, which airs “Jeopardy!” at 9:30 a.m. CT, confirmed to The Washington Post that the leaked clip of Holzhauer losing is from Monday’s episode."


James Holzhauer's run on Jeopardy! has shattered any number of records. He started appearing on the show back on April 4th, where he broke the season 35 record of $40K for a single episode. He later shattered the record for sing-game winnings of $77K with a whopping $110K (actually, it was $110, 914 - the exact date of his daughter's birth). He has since bested the single-day earnings record sixteen times over, with a high of $131, 127; beat the record for first five-day earnings ($298K); and has amassed more than $2M in winnings in over 32 episodes (at the tie of writing this).

More interesting is Holzhauer's line of work: he's a professional sports gambler. His strategy to winning Jeopardy! has attracted attention for its clinical approach to stats and multipliers.