Mayim Bialik Responds to Jeopardy Hosting Controversy

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik revealed her response to all the hosting controversy. In a conversation with James Corden, she finally gave her take on all the Mike Richards drama. Sony Television had to step in when people discovered that the executive producer had some misconduct allegations in his previous position. That all came after a massive search for a new host that included Internet favorite, LeVar Burton. He didn't get picked, nor did a lot of the other frontrunners. But, Richards and Bialik actually made it through, until the producer had to step away. The Big Bang Theory actress is still standing and she sounds absolutely done with all the drama.

"Just let me read the clues! I was a headline on CNN three days in a row," she explained. "Like, who knew that people were so passionate about who hosts Jeopardy!? I mean, I'm just trying to read the clues, you know? Just let me read the clues. The thing about Jeopardy!, we spend our whole lives wanting to be seen and this job is like, people should think the least about me. It's my job to be the host [and] just read the clues."

"But I have to say, the use of my brain and my skillset feels best suited by this job on Jeopardy! It is a dream job," Bialik previously told Glamour. "I think it's a dream job for anyone, but especially for someone who is trained first as a performer and then as a science communicator."

The Jeopardy! host previously pleaded no comment when it came to Richards. "I think not commenting is the safest thing to do. In his capacity as producer, I, of course, still had to work with him and speak with him and interact with him [when that report came out]," the Big Bang Theory star said. "But that's because I'm a head-down kind of person, meaning I had to continue to work in the capacity that I did until he was no longer the person literally in my ear."

"It's a dream. It's not just like, 'Of course I want the job.' It's a special, special experience to be given this opportunity at all," the star continued. "Even for the two days that I originally did. That being said, the amount of schedule juggling which I'm currently doing right now is maddening. It takes a lot of humans and a lot of calendars and a lot of figuring out. So would I like to believe that it could have been done then? Sure. But there's also a lot of other pieces that I wasn't part of knowing about."


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