Jeopardy! Producer Steps In to Guest Host

Jeopardy! had a new guest host and fans got a kick out of it. Producer Mike Richards had his turn [...]

Jeopardy! had a new guest host and fans got a kick out of it. Producer Mike Richards had his turn behind that podium and he'll be there for a few weeks before the long list of celebrity hosts continues. He explained what the deal was to the audience and they seemed receptive. COVID-19 is no joke and due to spikes in the Los Angeles area, they couldn't just bring new people into the environment to film. Despite all that business, the executive producer proved to be a fun presence on the show. Many remarked that he seemed to acquit himself very well after Ken Jennings took his leave. For those looking for a bit more star power, it will be there. Anderson Cooper, Savannah Guthrie, and reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers are all getting their chance to be the host for a day as well. Check out what Richards had to say during the beginning of the show down below:

"I'm hosting today and for the next two weeks to keep the greatest quiz show in the world going," Richards explained. "We have some amazing guest hosts coming that I can't wait for you to see. But with the COVID outbreak here in L.A., folks were understandably a little reticent to shoot. So as the producer, my job is to quite literally live the mantra, the show must go on. So let's do what Alex did 8,244 times. Let's play Jeopardy! and prove that nothing can stop this show."

That laundry list of guest hosts is nothing to sneeze at. People instantly liked the idea of letting all these stars pay tribute to the beloved Alex Trebek with their appearances on the show. Richards talked about that in a previous interview as well.

"The search is going very well, there are a lot of people very interested in hosting Jeopardy!, which is gratifying, and also appropriately reverent of the shoes they will be stepping into. We have had some great conversations with people," Richards revealed recently. "We are going to take our time and talk to a lot of people, have some people guest host and see what our fans think as well."

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