New Jupiter's Legacy Showrunner Revealed

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Netflix superhero series Jupiter's Legacy which will adapt the fan-favorite comic book from Frank Quietly and Mark Millar. While filming is currently underway, there were a lot of questions surrounding the future and direction of the series because showrunner Steven S. DeKnight recently parted ways with the production. People are wondering what exactly is going on as there's been little public comments about the future of the show. While Netflix has yet to open up, ComicBook has learned new details about the series in the wake of the DeKnight's departure.

According to actor Chase Tang, who plays the supervillain Baryon in the show, confirmed that show writer Sang Kyu Kim is currently spearheading the production on Jupiter's Legacy. Kim previously worked on series like The Walking Dead, 24, and Designated Survivor.

"At the current moment, everything is still running, but there's a lot of changes that have taken place. A lot of things that needed to be reworked, different scenes and episodes needed to be reviewed. But at the current moment, everything is still good to go, and we're still shooting until December when we'll be wrapping up shooting. So, it did cause a little bit of delays, obviously with Steven parting ways with Netflix there's some shifts in positions, but everything is still a green light and good to go."

Tang would not divulge any details about his mysterious new role of Baryon on the show, but did praise new showrunner Kim, who "is doing a fantastic job spearheading the entire production under his wing."


"And I know that certain things on the [non-disclosure agreement], they probably don't want me to disclose too much," Tang explained. "They had to review some old footage, see what stuff they wanted to use, see what stuff they wanted to change up. It was a couple of weeks where things kind of got pushed back a little bit because of that."

He added that Jupiter's Legacy will likely premiere sometime in 2020, likely in the later half of the year. So while work continues on the series, it sounds like it will be a while until we get our first glimpse at the anticipated Netflix series.

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