John Cena, Chris Rock and More Crash Kim Kardashian's SNL Gig During The Bachelor Parody

John Cena, Chris Rock and more crashed Kim Kardashian's SNL hosting gig during a hilarious parody of The Bachelor! Kim Kardashian West took on the hosting gig for the second episode of the new Saturday Night Live season, and fans were wondering how she would fare and after a few skits it was revealed that her hosting gig would have a lot of help from some surprise guest stars during a special parody of ABC's The Bachelor reality dating competition. 

As it turns out, Kardashian West played the Bachelorette to a series of contestants that included many famous faces such as John Cena, Jessie Williams, Chace Crawford, Chris Rock, Tyler Cameron, Blake Griffin, and even a surprise drop from Amy Schumer. Hilariously enough, she ends up picking all of them to continue on with the game as Kyle Mooney's Zeke ends up being the one who has to go home at the end of the day. Making matters even funnier was the fact that these stars actually played themselves in the sketch. 

As Kardashian West's Bachelorette chose each of her favorites to move onto the new round, she refers to each of them by their first name and last name initial ("John C." for John Cena, for example) and refers to each and every one of their actual careers and real lives. For Cena, she points out the fact that she doesn't like that he has a wife. Chace Crawford hilariously points out that he can also be seen on Amazon's The Boys show alongside what Kardashian references from his career. 

Fans seemed to enjoy all of these cameos from The Bachelor parody, and it was clear that it was certainly a highlight of Kardashian West's hosting gig already as fans gear up to see what could be coming from the famous name next. As fans had seen throughout the first few sketches of the episode thus far, it has seen Kardashian West not only point out the more notorious elements of her past and present, but some hilarious takes on her real life outside of all of that as well. 

Each episode of Saturday Night Live usually comes with a number of surprises, and this mass of cameos had to have been one of the biggest yet. But what do you think of all of these cameos? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!