Legacies "Hold On Tight" Synopsis Released

The CW has released the episode synopsis for "Hold On Tight", the fourth episode of Legacies' third season. The episode, which is set to air on Thursday, February 11th, will see the Super Squad dealing with the Necromancer's (guest star Ben Geurens) who, from the sound of things is causing some major problems for all involved. The episode will also see Josie (Kaylee Bryant) continue to deal with the fallout of her dark turn last season, specifically with Josie not being able to trust herself with magic.

The Necromancer's impact on things is something that was teased during last week's season premiere as Chad (Charles Jazz Terrier), who had been the Necromancer's acolyte and had recently been brought back from the dead, ended up dropping dead -- his death not boding well for the others also tied to the Necromancer, Alyssa (Olivia Liang) and Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith). It's something that series executive producer Brett Matthews said will matter in a big way.

"It'll matter. I think the ways in which it matters will be, I don't think you'll miss them. I think they'll hit you upside the head." Matthews told ComicBook.com. "So, I don't think you have to worry about them. Here, this concept of death, as you know, sort of portrayed by the necromancer and you know, Vampire Diaries... we used to drop a body every other day. And so, [Legacies] is a very different show and intentionally so, where I think we're all a little more thoughtful and mindful about the idea of killing characters and what that means. And so that's why the body count in Legacies is so low. It's a totally different thing in Legacies and so even Chad's death, you know, I think a really interesting wrinkle on that is what Chad's death ultimately that the Necromancer too is something that will have fingers because like the Necromancer and Chad became this weird little dark mirror to the Super Squad, frankly. And so that'll have some fingers on it as well. And just the notion of death and loss that comes with that is something we will explore more than we have in this show over the course of Season Three for sure."

You can check out the synopsis for "Hold On Tight" below.


WELCOME TO TEAM MONSTER — The Super Squad bands together after the Necromancer’s (guest star Ben Geurens) next move unleashes more than anyone bargained for. Meanwhile, a run-in with Ethan (Leo Howard) reminds Josie (Kaylee Bryant) why she doesn’t trust herself with magic. Danielle Rose Russell, Matthew Davis, Aria Shahghasemi, Jenny Boyd, Quincy Fouse, Chris Lee, and Ben Levin also star. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Brett Matthews (#304). Original airdate 2/11/2021.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET after episodes of Walker.