Legacies Showrunner Offers Update on if Vampire Diaries Character Will Appear in Season 2

With the third series in The CW's The Vampire Diaries Universe -- Legacies -- being set in Mystic Falls, fans have been hoping since even before the series debuted that they would get to see characters from the series that kicked it all off a decade ago appear. Specifically, fans have clamored for the appearance of Caroline Forbes (Candice King) to show up at the Salvatore School, a move that would make sense considering her daughters Josie and Lizzie are not only students but main characters in the series. It's something that showrunner Julie Plec would like to see as well -- and she says the invitation remains open.

In an interview with TV Guide, Plec said that if King wants to appear on Legacies, they'd find the right story for her.

"The desire to see Caroline Forbes on Legacies remains strong," Plec said. "The invitation remains open and the welcome would be warm. So honestly, it's just a matter of finding the right story and the right opportunity for Candice to want to come back and play in the sandbox a little."

And the series may have already set up for that "right story". In the show's first season, Josie and Lizze become fully aware of their Gemini Curse, a family curse in which twins of their coven have to "merge" upon reaching a certain age with one twin absorbing the other's powers -- effectively killing the other twin. On Legacies, Caroline is out somewhere in the world looking for a way to avoid this grim fate for her girls. However, the twins discovered a dangerous artifact called the Ascendant last season as well, one that could lead the girls to their evil uncle Kai (Chris Wood) who is trapped in a prison world and could potentially create chaos as related to the Merge and so much more.

Speaking of Kai, Plec has been pretty open about wanting to see Wood return to the universe as the villain as well.


"It's so rude of me and so presumptuous, but I am going to keep layering in Kai Parker until Chris Wood feels like he's got no choice but to come back and play in our sandbox," Plec said earlier this year. "I would love nothing more than to see that character again. I think he'd drop perfectly into this story line, even if we just got to see him in one episode. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can make that work out one of these days."

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