LEGO Masters: New Report Indicates Season 2 Renewal Coming Soon

LEGO Masters was a huge hit for FOX, which is why it has surprised some that the show hasn't received an official green light for season 2. The good news is that insiders are saying that Fox Corp. head Lachlan Murdoch has all but confirmed it is coming back for a season 2. Insiders say the announcement is coming soon, and it makes sense, as the show was the top-rated new series among adults 18 to 49, adults 18 to 34, and teens during its freshman series. That's impressive, and host Will Arnett is glad it performed so well for the network and that Murdoch thinks so highly of the series.

“It was great to see Lachlan speak so supportively of the show,” Arnett told Variety. "The feedback has been fantastic and so it would be exciting if we got to come back and make more episodes.”

The competition was fierce, and the show did a great job of finding passionate contestants that audiences instantly gravitated to. The challenges were not easy either, sometimes going 24 hours, and Arnett was around for all of it to make sure he didn't miss anything.

"My friend Hamish hosts the Australian version, and so when I started on this, his advice was to stay close, even during those hours," Arnett said. "Be constantly talking to the producers and either be on the floor or talking to the control truck, because stuff is going to happen. And you want to be there when it does. They’re going to be long, monotonous hours, it’s almost like a stakeout. But resist the urge to just check out."

Part of the show's appeal is that it's something the whole family can watch and enjoy, and Arnett loves that families responded so well to it.


"I can’t tell you how rewarding it was to have so many people reach out to me and tell me that they love this show because they watched it with their families," Arnett said. "Even Brad Pitt, who executive produced the show through Plan B, reached out and said, almost as a viewer. I had a teacher in North Carolina reach out early on in this isolation, saying, ‘I’m gonna do a Lego building competition for my middle school.’ So I sent a video and now we’re in the process of whittling it down to the final. I’m going to help her judge her Lego building competition for her middle school in North Carolina, and send them the final video."

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