'Locke & Key' Netflix Series Cast 'Scandal' Actress Darby Stanchfield

It has been a long journey for the upcoming Locke & Key television series, but the show seems to be settling into its new home at Netflix. The latest bit of news for the horror comic adaptation is the casting of Darby Stanchfield, who is best known for portraying Abby Whelan on Scandal.

Locke & Key had two failed pilot attempts through Fox and Hulu, but Netflix ordered 10 episodes of the series last summer. However, the streaming service decided to re-cast and re-write the show rather than go with the original Hulu-produced content.

According to Deadline, Stanchfield will be starring as Nina Locke, a role that was previously played by Miranda Otto in the Fox pilot and Frances O'Connor in the Hulu pilot. The story, which is based on the IDW comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, follows three siblings who, "after the gruesome murder of their father" move to Massachusetts only to discover their new home has "magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities." However, a "devious demon" is also after the keys, and "will stop at nothing to attain them."

Stanchfield will be portraying the mother of the three children, who "moves family across the country to Keyhouse for a fresh start" while also attempting to solve her husband Rendell's murder. "She struggles with her new role as a single mom, as Rendell was always more the traditional parent type. She's much more comfortable as an artist and house renovator," Deadline explains.

The children in the cast are set to be Emilia Jones (Brimstone, High-Rise) as Kinsey Locke, Connor Jessup (American Crime, Falling Skies) as Tyler Locke, and Jackson Robert Scott, who you know best as Georgie from the It remake, as Bode Locke.

According to another recent Deadline report, Locke & Key will also feature Griffin Gluck (American Vandal, Why Him?) and Steven Williams (The Leftovers, Velvet Buzzsaw). Gluck will be a part of the show as a series regular and is playing a character named Gabe, who attends school with Kinsey. Williams is expected to be a recurring cast member on the series, and will be playing Joe Ridgeway, a teacher at Kinsey and Gabe's school.

Carlton Cuse (Lost) will serve as the series' showrunner and will produce alongside Joe Hill (who also has a creator credit), Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite. Andres Muschietti directed the Hulu pilot, but won't return to direct. However, he does have an executive producer credit alongside his sister, Barbara Muschietti.


In addition to Scandal, Stanchfield is also known for playing Helen Bishop on Mad Men and appearing in the film version of Waitress. She's set to star in the upcoming drama, Justine, and will be featured the new film, Medicine Men as well as the romantic dramedy, Stargirl.

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