How to Watch Chris Hemsworth's Loki Deleted Scene

Loki Season 1 featured Chris Hemsworth in a new Loki deleted scene.

Loki Season 1 was originally supposed to feature Chris Hemsworth in a deleted scene. Now, you can watch Thor interact with Tom Hiddleston's trickster for yourself. Loki is coming home in a steelbook release and that means special features for viewers to comb through. That's where you're going to find Thor this time around. In the deleted scene, Hemsworth appears as Frog Thor during Loki's coronation. Now, there was mention of Throgg being a more explicit inclusion during multiple interviews around Loki. Eagle-eyed fans will remember the little amphibian making a quick cameo with no spoken lines during the Disney+ series. 

In the description for this specific scene, the context of how Hemsworth would have speaking lines takes shape. It reads, "Mobius reviews some moments from Loki's timeline, in which Frog Thor makes an appearance during Loki's coronation." That makes a lot of sense. There was a brief flash of another timeline where Loki assumed the throne of Asgard outright. But, it's clear that there was more of that sequence shot that just didn't make it into the episodes outright. Fans will now get the chance to dissect it for themselves in wild detail.


Loki and Thor Have Been Separated For A While Now

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Loki ended up being a bit of a departure for Hiddeleston as there was no Thor around for his God of Mischief to bounce off of. Well, the MCU star told MTV News about being apart from Chris Hemsworth filming Loki two years ago. It was quite the adjustment for both Hiddleston and his on-screen sibling. (As Hemsworth was filming Thor: Love and Thunder at nearly the same time.) So, while the two brothers might be separated in the MCU right now, they still care about each other a great deal.

"There was always, initially in those early stories in the MCU, there was this duality between Thor and Loki and Loki and Thor, and Chris and I had defined these characters together in opposition," Hiddleston told MTV News. "I suppose Loki was always defined by his relationship to Thor and kind of vice versa. ... One of the things that I was excited by [in Loki] was actually in any drama, if you strip or take away from a character the things that are familiar, then something has to be revealed about what remains. So if you take Loki away from Thor, away from Asgard, away from all the things that he's used to being around — what makes Loki, Loki?"

The Bond Between Loki and Thor

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Before Thor: Love and Thunder, Disney got Tom Hiddleston to reminisce about the days when he and Chris Hemsworth were auditioning for the part of the God of Thunder together. As people now know, both of them wanted to be Thor. It was very close during the audition process. However, Hiddleston says there was one moment it became clear that Hemsworth was destined to be an Avenger and he might end up being the odd one out. Needless to say, it ended up working out for the Loki actor anyway.

"There was at one point in the training -- there was a board, I think in the stunt gym, there was like a thing of 1,000 meters on the rowing machine, 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats, and doing it for time," Hiddleston smirked. "And Chris Hemsworth would put his time on the board. And I thought, 'OK, I'll give that a go.'" Hiddleston added with a laugh, "I didn't get past 15 pull-ups, so that's the reason he was cast as Thor."

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