LOST Stars Reunite in New Photo

LOST has been off the air for nearly a decade but the ABC show's fandom remains strong. Those fans will be delighted to see a new photo of three LOST stars reuniting in California, although some fans might be rooting for a reunion in the form of a new series revisiting the island. The new photo is posted by the show's Jin Kwon actor Daniel Dae Kim and also features Michael Dawson actor Harold Perrineau and Richard actor Nestor Carbonell. The three actors did not spend much time together on the show's set as Kim worked with both actors but not at the same time.

"TV shows come and go but real friendship outlasts them," Kim wrote in the Instagram post. So grateful for these guys. But not Josh Holloway, who was not missed by anyone." Holloway played James "Sawyer" Ford and remains a close friend to many of the LOST stars.

Check out the post from Kim below, reuniting a few of the LOST stars!

A reboot or continuation of some sort for the ABC show seems inevitable given its popularity and cementing in pop culture. In fact, executive producer Carlton Cuse previously expressed his expectation of seeing LOST heading back to television eventually.

"For Damon [Lindelof] and myself, we really feel like we were given an incredible opportunity to tell the story we wanted to tell," Cuse told ComicBook.com in 2017. "It was really the first network show where we sort of dictated our own end date. We told the story we wanted to tell. To this date, there has not been any effort or any talk between us about doing anything else."

Although he is sidelining himself when it comes to the show which ran for six years on ABC, Cuse has no problem with another set of writers stepping in to pick up where he and Lindelof left off.


"I do believe at some future point, someone else will do something in the LOST world and that's OK," Cuse said. "There probably are some young wonderful writers out there. Maybe Damion Chazelle would like to do a musical in the world of LOST, I don't know. He's free to do it."

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