Mammals Star Melia Kreiling Teases "Chaos" and "Confusion" In New Amazon Series (Exclusive)

Melia Kreiling's first project of the calendar year arrives in just under 24 hours. The actress stars opposite James Corden in Prime Video's Mammals, a dramatic comedy that has been largely shrouded in secrecy. The official trailer keeps the crux of the show close to the vest, as writer Jez Butterworth noted that "everything" after "the first five minutes is a spoiler," but does reveal that Kreiling's Amandine and Corden's Jamie are an item and are dealing with the struggles that come after finding "the one."

Speaking with's Liam Crowley, Kreiling emphasized that the "whodunit" nature of Mammals' storyline is something that needs to unravel in the show itself rather than the trailers.

"As soon as you give one detail away, you're taking away from the entertainment of figuring things out," Kreiling said. "It is hard to talk about. The second part to that answer is that the show deals with these big issues and concepts and behaviors. You end up talking about these things without giving any context. I often wonder if I sound insane when I'm talking about the show without being able to say anything about it (laughs)."

While remaining vague, Kreiling was able to describe the show as being full of "chaos, havoc, confusion, [and] stupefaction."

One of those big issues that Mammals tackles is loyalty in a post-marriage life. While many perceive this as strictly related to not cheating on a significant other, Kreiling sees loyalty as a much wider devotion.

"I wouldn't narrow it down to just the obvious loyalty of one person towards another person, but also the loyalty to the promises we make to one another about things that we want to uphold," Kreiling said. "You marry somebody and you know them in a specific way at that moment, but you kind of promise to be there for each other and support each other throughout life. That means that you have to support each others' dreams as they are and as they change. 

"There's a lot of tangents to loyalty. It's not just about, 'Did I sleep with somebody else or did you sleep with somebody else?' It's also about, 'Are we supporting each other's dreams as we grow together?'"

Mammals streams on Prime Video this Friday, November 11th.