Miranda Cosgrove Recreates Famous "Interesting" Meme in iCarly Revival

The iCarly revival is almost here, and the show is wasting no time in delivering some fan-favorite [...]

The iCarly revival is almost here, and the show is wasting no time in delivering some fan-favorite memes. The show recently revealed its new opening title sequence, and fans picked up on one particular moment where Miranda Cosgrove recreated a meme from her Drake and Josh days (via PopBuzz). The meme in question is the "interesting" meme where Cosgrove's Megan can be seen looking at a computer screen with a perfect expression, and now Cosgrove has recreated that in the new opening sequence, staring at a screen with a soda can in hand.

You can check out both images below, and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to throwbacks. The trailer has already shown that Baby Spencer is making a return, and we'll have to wait and see if things like Random Dancing, Fun with Bacon, and more also return.

(Photo: Paramount+/Nickelodeon)

The show will take place 10 years after the original show ended, which had Carly moving from Spencer's home to live with her dad, who was still serving in the Air Force. 10 years later Carly gets the gang back together to start up iCarly again, and Spencer and Freddie are all-in. Also in the mix is Carly's best friend Harper (Laci Mosley) and Freddie's stepdaughter Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett), but there are some returning side characters too.

Freddie's mother is also back in the show, which you can see in the trailer, and Carly's arch-nemesis Nevel is also back, but we'll have to wait and what he has up his sleeve to take the new iCarly down when the show launches next week.

"Being on the iCarly set has always felt like a second home to me and it's so awesome to be back with my pals Jerry and Nathan," Cosgrove said in a press release. "We served up spaghetti tacos over 10 years ago, and I can't wait to show you what we're cooking up next with Nickelodeon for Paramount+!"

iCarly's first three episodes will be available to stream on Paramount+ on June 17th, with new episodes releasing weekly afterwards.

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