Bizarre Netflix Kids Show Is Dominating Every Other Streaming Service

Netflix's Squid Game is one of the most popular shows to ever hit streaming. Even then, the show might not be the most-watched series of the week. According to the latest polls released by Nielsen, bizarre kids show Cocomelon is one of the most-watched shows in all of the land. The latest rankings suggest the series, one that originated as a YouTube web series, earned a whopping 703 million watched minutes in the week between September 13th and September 19th.

That's good for second place on the pollster's "Acquired" list, which means network or web series licensed for use by streamers. Cocomelon was unable to officially topple Manifest on the list, falling short by just nine million watched minutes. The gap is larger between Cocomelon and the third-place finisher, perennial favorite Criminal Minds, which earned 687 million minutes watched.

When combining both original and licensed streaming, Cocomelon is the fourth-most-watched series available on streaming, with Netflix dominating virtually the entire chart with hits like Lucifer, Clickbait, Manifest, and Sex Education.

For fans of Squid Game, Nielsen ratings are still crunching the numbers surrounding the launch of Squid Game. Once the outfit manages to get that data in, it's likely the Netflix hit will skyrocket to the top of the charts. Netflix has yet to officially push a second season of the thriller into development, but Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has some ideas if the show should get another batch of episodes.

"It's true that season one ended in an open-ended way, but I actually thought that this could be good closure for the whole story, too. Season one ends with Gi-hun turning back and not getting on the plane to the States. And that was, in fact, my way of communicating the message that you should not be dragged along by the competitive flow of society, but that you should start thinking about who has created the whole system — and whether there is some potential for you to turn back and face it. So it's not necessarily Gi-hun turning back to get revenge. It could actually be interpreted as him making a very on-the-spot eye contact with what is truly going on in the bigger picture."  

Squid Game — and Cocomelon, for that matter — are now streaming on Netflix.

Cover photo by Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images