Edgar Wright's New Production Company Working on Three Netflix Projects

Edgar Wright has officially formed a new production company with three of his friends and closest colleagues, with a slate of new projects already set at Netflix. On Tuesday, it was revealed that Wright had teamed up with longtime creative partners Joe Cornish, Nira Park, and Rachael Prior to form a new production company called Complete Fiction. The group of four creatives have been working together for more than two decades, and this new venture simply makes everything official.

Complete Fiction will focus on both TV and feature films, working from offices in both London and Los Angeles. To kick things off, Complete Fiction has joined with Netflix to produce three original TV projects, beginning with the supernatural detective series called Lockwood & Co., which will be overseen by Cornish.

Also on the slate is the adaptation of the sci-fi horror trilogy The Murders of Molly Southbourne and historical fantasy series The City of Brass.

"This new chapter with Complete Fiction is something I have wanted to embark on for a while now," said Wright. "Nira has been my producer for more than 20 years, but we, along with our amazing team of longtime friends and collaborators, still share the same drive to bring original stories to the screen. Complete Fiction will be a dynamic hub for passionate creatives — somewhere they can feel nurtured and protected. I’ve been lucky enough to always have this team around me who have advocated for my voice and vision as a filmmaker, and I’m excited to bring new stories into the world and be part of making that happen for the next generation."

"There is so much scope to originate and be genuinely creative in both film and television, and that is more important than ever right now," Park added. "A huge motivating factor in forming this new company is the chance to work with the writers and directors that inspire us across all mediums. Whilst we will continue to produce bold, original feature films for international audiences, we are incredibly excited about this expansion into television and can’t wait to put our distinctive stamp on longer-form storytelling. We feel very lucky to have each other, and this new company is an expression of our ambitions for the next phase of our careers, and a desire to do that together as a working family."


"Edgar, Nira and Rachael have felt like family to me for decades, so I’m thrilled and honored that we’re finally moving in together and putting a sign above our front door," said Cornish.

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