Netflix Makes Noticeable Change to Hannibal Episodes

There hasn't been a day since Hannibal first debuted in 2013 that the chilling NBC series hasn't [...]

There hasn't been a day since Hannibal first debuted in 2013 that the chilling NBC series hasn't had fans. There has always been a dedicated core for the show, even after its all-too-soon cancellation. That isn't to say that Hannibal didn't have it's flaws, though, and there is one issue that even the most dedicated fans of the series would point to as something they think could have been better. Hannibal struggled with lighting quite a bit. Scenes were often too dark to see everything that was going on. The series began streaming on Netflix earlier this month, and it appears as though the service actually put in some effort to fix the problem.

Netflix has brightened up and enriched the color of Hannibal, making it a more enjoyable experience than ever before. To the casual eye, it may not appear to be much of a difference, but dedicated followers of Bryan Fuller's series will automatically recognize the difference.

Just take a look below at the side-by-side photo put together by Looper. The scene in question comes from the second season of Hannibal. On top, is what the scene looks like on Netflix, while the bottom shows the exact same frame on Amazon Prime. The Netflix version is significantly brighter.

hannibal side by side netflix
(Photo: NBCUniversal/Looper)

Of course, this change has prompted Hannibal fans to wonder why Netflix is putting so much care into the show. Why spend money to brighten up a show that's been cancelled for a half-decade? Some fans believe that Netflix may finally be aiming to revive Hannibal.

"These changes that Netflix is making in the episodes, like... subtitles, brightness, say A LOT," writes one Hannibal fan on Twitter. "They're listening to us. If they didn't have plans for the show in the future they wouldn't worry about those details, but they are! and it gives me so much hope.."

Netflix hasn't made any announcements regarding the future of Hannibal, but the show has been rather popular on the service since its arrival earlier in the month.

Are you glad to see a brighter version of Hannibal on Netflix? Do you think the streaming service has plans for the show? Let us know in the comments!

All three seasons of Hannibal are currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.