Netflix Says They Will Not Abandon Releasing Shows All at Once for Weekly Episode Release

Netflix has almost completely reinvented the ways in which movie and TV fans consume media, including the ways in which it releases original programming, though the company confirmed that, despite recent experimentation with certain programs, the platform won't be abandoning its model of releasing an entire season all at once in the near future. When Netflix delivered audiences its first original series, House of Cards, all 13 episodes became available simultaneously, but the release of Season Seven of The Great British Baking Show on a weekly basis sparked speculation about the streaming service's platform, which Netflix was quick to debunk on social media.

netflix streaming binge watch

In a discussion about Netflix potentially making permanent changes to its release strategy, the streaming service merely chimed in to confirm, "We're not changing."

The Great British Baking Show isn't the only recent program to feature an altered release strategy, with Rhythm & Flow, a hip hop reality competition program featuring T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper as judges, will also be earning new episodes on a regular basis instead of earning the service's traditional release strategy. It would appear as though Netflix hopes to preserve the element of suspense by spreading out the release of reality competition shows, as opposed to allowing a viewer to witness an entire competition unfold in one long sitting.

These recent programs aren't the first to avoid the platform's typical release strategy, with My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman debuting new episodes on a weekly basis while Chelsea offered new episodes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

Netflix revolutionized in-home entertainment in 2007 when it launched its streaming platform, with this platform becoming the prominent image of the company's offerings in pop culture after starting as a DVD rental service. This platform resulted in various competitors, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, with Netflix still dominating the market.

Streaming services led to the popularity of the "binge-watching" model of consuming media, as the release of an entire season of a TV series all at once allowed viewers to consume hours of content in one sitting, arguably making it easier for some viewers to follow a lengthy narrative. Rather than waiting an entire week in between witnessing complex narratives unfold, this binge-watch model is a double-edged sword, as it makes comprehending a narrative more streamlined yet results in longer wait times for new adventures once an entire season is completed.

Stay tuned for details on Netflix's future.


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