The Office Isn't the Only Popular TV Show Leaving Netflix in December

It will take TV fans a long time to get over the departure of The Office from Netflix, where it has spent years and years as a streaming staple. It hurt when Friends left the streaming service, but it was only available for a year or two before its exit. For most folks, it's hard to think of a time when The Office wasn't on Netflix. That will change on December 31st, when the series leaves Netflix for its new home at Peacock. There has been a lot of conversation about The Office's exit, but it's sadly not the only major series set to leave Netflix next month.

No matter what TV genre you're a fan of, there's probably a show you like leaving Netflix in December. The Office is undoubtedly the biggest title taking off, but it's far from the only big deal. For example, every season of the hit series Gossip Girl is set to exit, and it will likely make its way over to HBO Max, where a reboot of the title is in development.

Gossip Girl is leaving Netflix on December 31st, along with The Office and all three seasons of The Inbetweeners. That trio of the shows represents the month's final departures, but there are plenty that will take place before that.

On December 14th, Netflix is losing all four seasons of Hart of Dixie, the hit teen drama from The CW. 10 days later, on Christmas Eve, Netflix will see its biggest December departure not named The Office. All seven seasons of The West Wing are set to make their exit. Like Gossip Girl, The West Wing could end up on HBO Max after it leaves Netflix, but that hasn't been confirmed by the service.


Unfortunately, there are more TV shows still set to leave next month. On December 30th, Netflix will lose AMC's Hell on Wheels, as well as Showtime standouts Dexter and Nurse Jackie. This could signal an end to deals between Showtime and Netflix, which may become a major deal to TV fans if/when the streamer loses the rights to Shameless.

December is not going to be a happy month for TV fans that use Netflix. Do your best to work in a few last-minute binges before your favorite shows are gone.