Netflix Viewers Angry Over Show Cancellations Strike Back by Canceling Netflix

Netflix is gaining a reputation for being the Grim Reaper of streaming, as the service has canceled a lot of fan-favorite shows in 2019. One cancellation in particular (the sci-fi drama series The OA) has sparked a major backlash from Netflix users, and those protests are about to enter a whole new phase.

It seems that Netflix users are going from protesting in the streets to make their protest efforts felt through a social media movement. The hashtag "#cancelnetflix" has now sprung up, as protesters are trying to gain steam with their objections:

Today, Tuesday, September 10th is the anointed day that these protesters are rallying behind for their #CancelNetflix momvement. As you may guess, at the time of writing this, there's little to no sign that Netflix is under any actual threat of being "canceled" at all.

Regardless, while the desire to knock Netflix down may not be widespread, those are feeling some kind o way about it are definitely passionate in their anger. See below:

...Of course, even when the protesers are showing the utmost resolve, more than a few of them seem to be bluffing about just how far they're willing ot take this standoff with Netflix:


For the record, here are all of the Netflix series that we lost in 2019:

  1. Marvel's The Punisher
  2. Marvel's Jessica Jones
  3. The OA
  4. Designated Survivor
  5. Tuca & Bertie
  6. She's Gotta Have It
  7. Chambers
  8. Santa Clarita Diet
  9. One Day At A Time
  10. Friends From College
  11. Travelers

Netflix is still alive and streaming... for now.