Nickelodeon's NFL Broadcast Includes Young Sheldon Explaining the Rules

Nickelodeon took over the NFL on Sunday, partnering up with CBS to broadcast NFL Wild Card game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints, but there was so much more going on than just a football game. The family friendly broadcast brought in a lot of elements to appeal to more than just football fans, such as a slime cannon in the end zone and hilarious filters over players during the game, but they had some fun with the rules as well -- at least in terms of explaining them During the broadcast, Young Sheldon was spotted explaining how various things work.

During the game, and on at least two different plays, Young Sheldon (Ian Armitage) pops up on the bottom of the screen to explain the call while also offering his own commentary -- in the case of false start that being an anecdote and in the case of offsides, just some classic Sheldon snark.

Nickelodeon's team up with the NFL for the Wild Card game was first announced back in December and, according to CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus, is a first of its kind presentation for the NFL, one meant to appeal to both kids and families.

"This is a first of its kind presentation for the NFL together with Nickelodeon, and we are very excited to create a unique telecast that will maximize the co-viewing appeal for kids and families, while maintaining the integrity of the game and its traditions," McManus said (via NFL). "Partnering with Nickelodeon to showcase the NFL Playoffs is a great opportunity to highlight the power, depth and reach of Viacom CBS, as we continue to unlock the true potential of our merged company with the first of many opportunities between CBS and our Viacom CBS family."

"Our game plan is to make sure the NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon definitely lives up to its name by infusing the telecast with Nick's sensibility of surprise and fun at almost every turn," Brian Robbins, President of Viacom CBS Kids & Family Entertainment said. "We're incredibly proud to team up with CBS Sports and the NFL to elevate the thrill of this game for kids and families to enjoy together."


And based on fan reaction online, it certainly did live up to its name. Social medial was buzzing with praise for the unique NFL broadcast as well.

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