One Game of Thrones Veteran Says They Would Be Open to Returning for a Prequel

Even though the flagship Game of Thrones TV series is officially over, that isn't stopping HBO from bringing the cow to market for the foreseeable future. HBO has already ruled out the possibility of an Arya Stark centric TV series and even put the kibosh on a prequel series set 1,000 years in the past which shot a pilot earlier this year. They are moving forward with another one though, a House Targaryen series is officially in the works telling the story of the infamous Dragon-themed family from the series. This prequel will be set roughly 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, which will make the likelihood of any cast reprisals in the series zero. Or will it?

One character that, in theory, COULD appear in the series is none other than Melisandre, the Red Priestess of R'hllor, aka the Lord of Light. The magic that the character uses keeps her young and beautiful, but in fact she's over 400 years old as of the events of Game of Thrones. This would mean she's wandering around Westeros during the events of the new series. The actress who plays the role of Melisandre, Carice van Houten, spoke to EW about her time playing "The Red Woman," in the series, revealing that she would be open to the idea of a reprisal in the new series if such an opportunity came up.

“Well, it would really depend on the storyline,” Van Houten said. “I would be interested if we could see a completely different side to her. It would have to be interesting perspective that we haven’t seen before. Otherwise, I feel like I’ve closed it off in a natural way — which is also a good thing.”

Author George R.R. Martin and Colony co-creator Ryan Condal are said to be the executive producers on the new series, which will reportedly be inspired by Martin's Fire & Blood book.


Over on Amazon, Fire & Blood is described, "Centuries before the events of A Game of Thrones, House Targaryen—the only family of dragonlords to survive the Doom of Valyria—took up residence on Dragonstone. Fire & Blood begins their tale with the legendary Aegon the Conqueror, creator of the Iron Throne, and goes on to recount the generations of Targaryens who fought to hold that iconic seat, all the way up to the civil war that nearly tore their dynasty apart."

Throughout much of HBO's Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen was a fan-favorite character who was believed to be one of the last in her line. The various stories about her family piqued audience interest in her family's history, with news of this prequel sure to excite those fans.