Peacock Subscribers Are Getting Errors for External Monitors

Peacock subscribers are getting errors for external monitors. Accounts of various users not being able to play their shows on big screens have popped up over the last day and change, and the company has come forward to address the comments. Peacock’s customer service handle on Twitter has posted a tweet to clarify what’s going on with the HDMI and external monitor situation. If you were planning on tossing your favorite show up on the big screen, you’re going to have to wait a second. None of those features are being supported at the time of writing. So, it will have to be a phone, device, or PC for the moment. Of course, this is a bit of a wrinkle for anyone who was psyched about the content available on NBC Universal’s new streaming platform, but they're hoping for big things.

The service’s chairman Matt Strauss spoke to Vulture about what the vision for the platform is in the future.“The longer-term vision is that we really believe that through bundling and through these partner integrations, both internet and pay TV, we’re going to be able to reach a majority of the country and give them some form of access to Peacock for free,” he explained.

“We believe that we’ve identified this white space in the market, which is a premium, ad-supported streaming service,” Strauss mentioned. “People, we found, were kind of questioning, How many of these services do I need to subscribe to?”

“You’re seeing consumers willing to make trade-offs, where they’re willing to watch kind of ‘good enough’ content that’s more economical rather than having to [spend] money for another subscription service,” he added. “We’re gonna zig while others zag. We believe that the moment is right for us to come into the market with a premium, ad-supported offering.”


NBCUnviersal television and streaming chairman Mark Lazarus also offered his thoughts on the unique position Peacock inhabits at this stage. “The space we’ve chosen we think puts us in a very good position given the challenges that people will have coming out of this pandemic, in terms of how they choose to spend their entertainment dollars,” he detailed.

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