Peacock Promotes Original Saved by the Bell With Classic Clips

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, is launching on July 15th and while much of its original content has been pushed back to 2021, there will be a lot of fun classics, including Saved by the Bell. The hit teen comedy that ran from 1989 to 1993 followed the wacky misadventures of the students of Bayside High, and the whole series will be available to stream in just four days. Today, Peacock tweeted out a teaser for the classic sitcom, and it features some of the show's most iconic moments.

"Hey preppies! Get a load of this blast from Bayside High’s past. Catch #SavedByTheBell on #PeacockTV in 4 days," @peacockTV posted. You can check out the wonderfully nostalgic trailer below:

Based on the trailer, we're not sure if the streaming service will feature the early Good Morning, Miss Bliss episodes or the later Saved by the Bell: The College Years episodes, but we're certainly hoping to see those as well as the movies Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style and Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.

In addition to the original Saved by the Bell, Peacock will also feature the new reboot. The first trailer for the series debuted earlier this year and followed Mario Lopez' AC Slater as a coach at his former school. The show is also expected to feature Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), who is now acting as the Governor of California. After getting into hot water for closing too many low-income schools, Morris introduces a proposal that sends the students from those closed schools to the highest-performing institutions in the state, including Bayside High. These new students will give the privileged kids at Bayside a little bit of the reality that they've been missing.


Gosselaar, Lopez, and Elizabeth Berkeley (Jesse Spano) will be joined by John Michael Higgins as Bayside's Principal Toddman, and Josie Totah, Haskiri Velazquez, Mitchell Hoog, Alycia Pascual-Pena, and Belmont Cameli as a new generation of kids. Great News creator Tracey Wigfield will serve as showrunner and executive producer of the Saved by the Bell reboot, following her new overall deal with NBCUniversal. She will be joined by original series creator Peter Engel and Franco Bario (Great News). Lopez, Berkley, and Gosselaar are also set to produce.

The original Saved by the Bell debuts on Peacock on July 15th, and the reboot is expected to premiere sometime this year.

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