Power Book II: Ghost Producer Reveals He Wrote a Pilot Script for Adrianne Palicki To Play Marvel's Mockingbird

It's been several years since fans have seen Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird in the [...]

It's been several years since fans have seen Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird in the MCU. Palicki's last appearance as the character came back in Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD and didn't return for the series finale, but there was once a time when a spinoff series for Mockingbird planned -- Marvel's Most Wanted which would have featured Morse alongside Nick Blood (Lance Hunter). Now, it turns out that Power: Book II: Ghost executive producer Geoffrey Thorne had written a pilot not for that spinoff series, but for an honest-to-goodness solo Mockingbird project.

On Twitter, Thorne shared a photo of Palicki alongside art Mockingbird in her Agents of SHIELD gear asking a "not hypothetical" question.

"What if I'd ALREADY written a pilot for this actor to play this character? (hint: it's not hypothetical,)" Thorne wrote.

Thorne clarified in comments to his post that this was not for the scrapped Marvel's Most Wanted; the pilot he wrote about was in fact for a solo series and he followed that up with a small peek at the script.

Palicki first appeared as Mockingbird during Agents of SHIELD's third season. The character was then going to move to the Marvel's Most Wanted spinoff series, but despite a pilot having been filmed, ABC decided not to go forward. Palicki later told TV Line that she'd actually seen the pilot and described it as being darker and grittier than Agents of SHIELD.

"Oh, I saw the pilot," she said. "It was actually really, really good. It was a little darker, grittier."

While some fans hoped to see Palicki reprise her Mockingbird role for Agents of SHIELD's final season, Palicki told fans last October that she wasn't called to return.

"Y'all, they did not call me. They did not," Palicki said. "I know, I was really bummed. I didn't know it was the last season, either. So, but... I'm sorry."

What do you think? Are you surprised by Thorne's Mockingbird solo pilot script? Are you disappointed the character didn't return for the final season of Agents of SHIELD? Let us know in the comments.