Two New Rick and Morty Projects Announced

Fans of the hit series Rick and Morty are currently in the middle of another hiatus, waiting for [...]

Fans of the hit series Rick and Morty are currently in the middle of another hiatus, waiting for the Adult Swim program to return with the second half of Season 4. There's no word yet as to exactly when that return will take place this year, but there is going to be plenty of Rick and Morty content in the meantime. The show is partnering with Pringles to air an all-new animated ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday (you can watch it here), and now Oni Press has announced another pair of Rick and Morty comic books, each with their own crazy premise.

SYFY Wire announced on Tuesday that Oni Press is continuing with its run of Rick and Morty comics this April, launching two new projects throughout the month.

The first of the two projects is called Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks, which is the first one-shot in a series of one-shots. It's written by Jake Goldman and illustrated by Philip Murphy, with covers from Julia Scott. The series follows Rick Prime after he's hired to chase down a group of counterfeit Ricks that have escaped. He puts together his own council to hunt down the rogue Ricks and dispose of them.

Project number two is a five-issue miniseries called Rick and Morty: Go to Hell. Written by Ryan Ferrier and illustrated by Constanza Oroza, Rick and Morty: Go to Hell is exactly what is sounds like, and will follow the titular characters on an adventure through the underworld.

"Getting to wreak havoc in the Rick and Morty sandbox was a total thrill, so the chance to return to the franchise and stay a little longer to tell this story with such a phenomenal, equally twisted team, is precisely why take such great pleasure in making weird, irreverent, and most importantly, funny comics," Ferrier told SYFY. "Mad science-fiction and devil business are two of my favorite things, and we're taking extreme joy in throwing these characters into the figurative and literal fires. Rick and Morty are going to Hell, and we're taking you down with us!"

Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks will be released on April 15th, while the first issue of Rick and Morty: Go to Hell arrives on April 29th.