McDonald's Brings Back Szechuan Sauce For Limited Time, Thanks To 'Rick And Morty'

Rick Sanchez has found his one-armed man, ladies and gents. McDonald's is bringing back the Szechuan Sauce.

People will be able to score the limited edition sauce for one day only on October 7 at their local Golden Arches. McDonald's made it very clear that there is only a limited supply and it will run out, but at least they responded to demand after the immense reception from Rick and Morty's Season Three premiere.

McDonald's announced the return of Szechuan Sauce in addition to a few other exciting new items on their menu...

A few select locations will also be passing out Rick and Morty-inspired posters. Those are sure to run out early, so make sure you get there soon.

"On Oct 7, together with the collectible sauce-themed posters, we're also giving away a one-time only, limited-edition, run of Szechuan Sauce in select restaurants. And when we say limited, we mean really, really limited! Click below to find out which restaurants will be giving away* the posters, and the select few of those that will also have the Szechuan Sauce on Oct 7."

Co-creator Justin Roiland's personal pet project seems to have paid off. Though he previously was gifted his own batch of sauce from McDonald's chef Mike Haracz, the fan response has prompted the fast-food chain to bring back the former promotion from Disney's Mulan for everyone.

The sauce burst back onto the zeitgeist after the April Fools' Day premiere, when Adult Swim ran the first episode of Season Three as a marathon prank.

In the episode called "The Rickshank Rickdemption," Rick is being interrogated by a member of the Galactic Federation (voiced by Nathan Fillion), who wants to know the secret to Rick's portal gun, which allows him to travel across dimensions at will. Rick fabricates a backstory to con the Federation, during which he and the interrogator go to McDonald's to try the limited edition sauce.

At the end of the episode, Rick reveals to Morty that his entire raison d'être is to taste that sauce once again.

Rick and Morty is also running a campaign to aid Puerto Rico after the devastation from Hurricane Maria, donating all proceeds from the game Pocket Mortys.


The third season finale of Rick and Morty airs tonight at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim…

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