'Riverdale' Actor Hart Denton Teases Chic Cooper's Impact on Betty's Friends

After months of hype, fans finally became acquainted with Betty Cooper's long-lost brother Chic on [...]

After months of hype, fans finally became acquainted with Betty Cooper's long-lost brother Chic on the mid-season premiere of Riverdale. But as the episode's end intimated, he has some dark secrets.

Chic should fit right in to the small town filled with dark secrets, and now we can't wait to see how the character will interact with Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and the gang. ComicBook.com spoke with actor Hart Denton, and he teased the explosive reaction when Chic finally hits Riverdale High.

"You know, you put Chic in a family situation and that's already just a whirlwind for him to have to deal with growing up in such a different way from everybody in this incredible town," Denton said. "Then you attach him to these relationships of everyone outside of that and people are just ... Chic is a ... You'd never know where to exactly pin it. You never know what ... He's got a whole lot of mystery going on and there's darkness and there's lightness and it's all mixed in and people got to sort of tip-toe a bit…"

Denton's character has an obvious dark side, one that's likely to have a major impact on his family. But when it comes to the relationships Betty has already formed with her peers at Riverdale High, the situation becomes a lot more dellicate.

"A lot of these people, they grew up together or they've known each other for years and years," Denton said. "Then you bring in somebody who is family of someone who is so respected in the town and there's almost a level of expectation for them to also take me in, as well, because there's a blood relation. But when you see the way that I am and the way I go about things, it doesn't make that exactly easy for a lot of people."

After the strange teases toward Chic's dark past and Jughead's foreboding narration at the episode's end, it sounds like Betty's long-lost brother will have a major impact not just on her, but on Riverdale itself.

We'll see how it starts to turn out next week when Riverdale returns with "Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler" airing next Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.