'Riverdale' Confirms SPOILER Is Alive in "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

Riverdale was getting in the Christmas spirit during tonight's midseason finale, and it isn't just Archie and the gang getting presents. The CW show gave audiences the gift of revealing a character's fate.

Spoilers for tonight's midseason finale of Riverdale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night", below!

At the end of Riverdale's first season, Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) decided to start over in dramatic fashion after all of the trauma she'd experienced such as the loss of her brother, discovering her father killed him, her father's suicide, the revelation that the family business was drugs and not syrup, as well as her own thwarted suicide attempt. She torched the family home, Thornhill, telling her horrified mother that "the only way to truly start over was through purification." While we clearly saw Cheryl and her mother outside as the mansion went up in flames, many fans were left wondering where Nana Rose Blossom (Barbara Wallace) was.

While many feared the elderly Blossom woman had been killed in the fire -- something that would make Cheryl not just an arsonist but a murderer as well -- tonight's episode revealed that Nana Rose was alive and well, living in the smaller home they've moved into. And while Nana Rose Blossom looks no worse for wear, as she's still in her wheelchair and presumably still has dementia as Cheryl claimed when we saw her last season, her appearance is likely more than just acknowledgement that she didn't die in the fire. As we saw last week, the mystery of who is behind the Black Hood has been taking Archie and the gang into Riverdale's past.


Last episode, Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) discovered that the janitor Mr. Svenson was really the sole survivor of the Riverdale Reaper who murdered his entire family when he was a child. With the Riverdale Reaper having been the biggest mystery in town, it's probable that Nana Rose Blossom has some memory of at least the news of the event, though considering Riverdale's history of interesting plot twists in unravelling its mysteries, we wouldn't be surprised if Nana Rose Blossom has a much more interesting story to tell.

Riverdale will return from midseason hiatus on January 17, 2018.