Secret Invasion: Who Does Nick Fury Call In Episode 5?

Secret Invasion episode 5 ended with Nick Fury making a call to a mystery figure and walking out to a climactic showdown with Gravik. But, who in the world is he calling at that moment. The best bet would probably be the villain of Secret Invasion. However, you can't rule out a surprise appearance from one of the Avengers I suppose. Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik has laid all his chips down on full world war with the humans. He wants "The Harvest," a collection of Avenger DNA that would allow him to power up his Super Skrull abilities. Fury, of course, is responsible for the vial existing in the first place. So, Samuel L. Jackson's spy could be sending out a message for the bad guy before the showdown.

A lot of the interviews before Secret Invasion began played up the influence of Westerns. So, a one-on-one fight seems appropriate. Since this is Marvel Studios though, you can't rule out some sort of cameo very quickly. That has evaded a lot of these Disney+ shows and it would be nice to see one get on the board here. With all the Hulk shenanigans in the air, one member from that corner of the team would be cool. Another possibility that makes sense is one of the Black Widow characters because of all this Widow technology stuff in this episode. However, if they really wanted to swing for the fences, Marvel should have Carol Danvers around for some part of this because it owes a lot to Captain Marvel

Why Nick Fury Probably Isn't Calling In The Avengers

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For weeks, lot of fans have been wondering why Nick Fury doesn't just summon The Avengers to help eradicate the Skrull invasion. Well, as he told Rhodey, the possibility of their likenesses falling into the wrong hands would be catastrophic. But, this week also provides a good reason with their unique abilities possibly falling into Gravik's hands and becoming a weapon to be used against humanity.

Samuel L. Jackson's spy also told Sonia Falsworth that the humans had to find a way to fight off these villains on their own. The actor spoke to about this very idea at the start of the series. All throughout Secret Invasion, people have questioned whether Fury still has "it" anymore. He aims to prove them all wrong.

"We've got to reach a point where we don't expect these guys to come and save us every time something goes wrong," Jackson said. "This is one of those times, so it's that kind of series where we try and solve things without being too superhuman but use the espionage angle as well as we can."

Remaining Skrull Questions in Secret Invasion


Among the many twists and turns from Secret Invasion, Rhodey being a Skrull feels like one that would have wild consequences for the MCU. Nick Fury is already in an antagonistic relationship with the Skrull cosplaying his friend. spoke to Kevin Feige when the reveal came up last week. The executive hinted that James Rhodes has been a Skrull for a while. Fans are going to have to wait to figure out just how long, and that could end up unleashing more questions too.

"We needed to have a character that one would not expect to be a Skrull," Feige explained. "Don was on board for this reveal of playing and revealing another side of Rhodey and revealing that, yeah, Rhodey has been a Skrull. When we have amazing actors, like Don, that have been with us for so many years, we very much treat them as partners in the creative collaboration. It was very early days when we pitched this concept to Don, and he very much was into it and into being able to play with different sides of Rhodey that we haven't seen before."

Secret Invasion's Finale Is Almost Here

The MCU's top superspy Nick Fury is back in Secret Invasion, the limited series that premiered June 21st on Disney+. Samuel L. Jackson returns in the new Marvel Studios series, showcasing Fury's attempt to get to the bottom of a Skrull invasion that goes all the way to the most powerful positions in various governments and organizations on the planet. In Secret Invasion, Fury teams with allies Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), while James Rhodes AKA War Machine will appear in a mysterious capacity. Other newcomers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe include Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

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