New 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Season 2 Trailer Released

A new trailer for Season 2 of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and things are only getting more, well, unfortunate for the Baudelaire children.

This latest look at the series dives even deeper into the plot of the second season and reveals that Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) is still in hot pursuit of the children and their fortune, but as the kids continue endure misfortune after misfortune -- often outwitting adults along the way -- Olaf is making things a bit more personal threatening "I won't be satisfied with just your fortune. I will obliterate you in the cruelest way possible!"

You can check out the trailer above.

The trailer, which is packed with the series' trademark colorful yet gloomy setting and plenty of action, sees the Baudelaires move from new home to new home which includes a boarding school, a fancy apartment, a Vile Village, a carnival, and even a frightening and unwelcoming hospital. Along the way, the orphans also uncover a deepening mystery when they encounter another set of orphans, the Quagmires, with an eerily similar story as theirs.

As fans of the series know, A Series of Unfortunate Events faithfully follow's Lemony Snickett's (played by Patrick Warburton) book series of the same name and this season will cover books 5 through 9 so there will be plenty for the Baudelaires and now the Quagmires to try to survive and that includes new additions to the cast. Tony Hale, Lucy Punch, Roger Bart, and Robbie Amell all join the cast this season and Nathan Fillion also appears this season as Jacques, the younger brother of Warburton's Snickett.


A Series of Unfortunate Events has been planned to run for three seasons, telling all of the stories from the entire series of books of which there are 13 total. The full second season of Unfortunate Events will be released on Netflix on March 30th. Need to catch up? The series' first season is currently streaming.

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