Skaar, Son Of Hulk Arrives In She-Hulk Season Finale

In the season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, fans were introduced to a character from the comic book source material, who most probably thought would not be showing up anytime soon. It's an appearance that hints at one of the biggest Hulk stories ever told, and has the potential to shift the direction the character takes from this point forward. Oh, and as a fun bonus, the character was played by actor Wil Deusner, who played Joey Zarick (the son of The Wizard) on HBO Max and The CW's acclaimed DC adaptation Stargirl. So, who is it and what does it mean?

Okay, last chance to turn around. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Spoilers for the season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law beyond this point.

The episode features a shocking appearance by Skaar, the son of the Incredible Hulk. In the episode, everybody else is basically as surprised as the audience is, gasping at Hulk's announcement.

(Photo: Disney+/Marvel Studios)

Created by Greg Pak and John Romita, Jr., Skaar was one of the biggest plot elements to spin out of the World War Hulk event, which introduced Hulk's gladiator armor featured in Thor: Ragnarok. He is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, one of the Shadow People who colonized the planet Sakaar. After Caiera's death, Skaar emerged from a coccoon she left behind, looking about the age of a small human child. A year later, he appeared to have grown to a young adult. The tattoos on his body were placed there by the Shadow People in the comics.

Skaar has been a villain, a hero, or an antihero at times, depending on what the story called for. He was eventually exiled from Sakaar and came to Earth, where he was briefly the king of the Savage Land. While fans on social media are already predicting some version of the World War Hulk story will spin out of Skaar's appearance here, it seems equally likely that a later story -- where Hulk recruited Skaar to be part of Project Green Spring, an operation targeting Abomination and other similarly dangerous "gamma mutates" -- given the prevalence of Emil Blonsky in the She-Hulk series.

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