SNL: Scarlett Johansson Gets Inside Beck Bennett's Head With Sweater Criticism

Scarlet Johansson is always good for a stellar Saturday Night Live, and she will resume hosting duties once more on tonight's big episode. Before the show begins though we got a sneak peek at Johansson having some fun with the cast in a new promo video, though her fun seems to be coming at Beck Bennett's expense. Bennett approaches Johansson on the stage during rehearsal with a brand new holiday sweater on, but its the thickness of the sweater and the fact that it is zipped all the way up to his neck that gets Johansson's attention, and she uses the sweater to get inside his mind.

Once he shows up with his weird sweater Johansson asks him if his sweater is itchy at all, but Bennett says it's rather comfortable. Johansson asks again though if he's sure it's not scratchy or itchy, as it looks like he can't move much.

Bennett says he doesn't move too much regularly, as he's a kind of "stiff" person in general. Johansson keeps the pressure on though, asking "are you sure you don't want to scratch?" Bennett continues to deny it's itchy, but you can see his hands start to move towards his body, trying not to scratch.

She keeps on asking about the itchiness, and at that point, Bennett asks "what are you trying to do Scarlett?"

That's when Johansson says she wants him to admit his sweater is itchy, stupid, and terrible. She then keeps asking him if it's itchy, and he keeps denying it, but you can see him wearing down.

Then Johansson starts twitching a little and taunts him with "is it itchy", finally yelling at him "Scratch it! Scratch it!"

Bennett finally gives in, taking off the sweater and starting to scratch, saying "Damn you Scarlett Johansson!"


Johansson then walks off stage with an evil laugh, and you can watch the full video above.

Johansson is always good for a great episode of Saturday Night Live, and in the past, we've seen some classic skits come from her time as host, so here's hoping this episode will follow suit.