Netflix's Space Force: Why Is General Naird's Wife in Prison?

Netflix's newest TV series, Space Force, has been a hit for the streaming service, occupying the coveted #1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 ever since the first season debuted on Friday. TV fans tuned in to see the reunion of The Office's Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, and stuck around to watch the weird and zany antics of the newly-formed military branch unfold. What many didn't expect, however, was to be handed a season-long mystery that wouldn't be answered at any point, not even in the finale. Any clarity about Maggie Naird's imprisonment will have to wait until Season 2.

At the very beginning of Space Force, Lisa Kudrow's Maggie Naird is shown alongside her husband, General Mark Naird (Carell) as he is promoted and put in charge of Space Force. When it fast-forwards to one year later, the show makes the shocking reveal that Maggie is actually in prison, leaving Mark to take care of their high school daughter while also trying to make Space Force happen. Unfortunately for fans wanting some closure on that storyline, you'll have to wait.

At no point during the season does Space Force reveal why Maggie is in prison. We know that she will be there for quite a long time, and it's clear that she didn't do something totally heinous because her husband and daughter still support her. Beyond that, its a total question mark.

Daniels, who co-created Space Force alongside Carell, confirmed to Collider that the reason for Maggie's imprisonment would be revealed at some point during the series, but that they were letting it continue to stump folks for the time being.

"I think that by the end of the series we'll find out, but not [in the] first season," Daniels said.


So, there is a plan to reveal how Maggie landed herself in prison in the first place. The unfortunate part is that there's no timetable for how long that story will take to come to fruition. It does, however, confirm that we will at least get answers at some point, even if it takes a while. We'll just have to wait for the show to return to find out, though Netflix hasn't made any official announcement regarding Space Force's renewal. As popular as it's been, it's hard to think that the series wouldn't return for another installment.

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