Netflix Hasn't Picked Space Force Up for Season 2 Yet

The creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation Greg Daniels once again teamed up with Steve Carell for the highly anticipated comedy series Space Force, detailing the creation of the newest and most ridiculous branch of the military in a brand new show on Netflix. And despite the impressive cast and fervent response, the new series has yet to get a commitment for a second season on the streaming service. While some shows receive two season orders right away, and others get a second season pickup shortly after a series premiere, Space Force fans are left waiting to find out if the show will reveal what happened after the cliffhanger ending.

Daniels recently spoke with Collider and expressed hopes to continue Space Force, adding that the writers are starting to get together to hash out the future of the series.

"We’re certainly hoping for a few more seasons, and we have started to assemble the senior writers to discuss what would happen next year," Daniels explained. "We don’t have the pickup yet, but yeah. There’s a lot to follow up on based on where we ended." spoke with Daniels about the series before and find out how Space Force stood out from his previous shows, aside from the obvious deviation from the mockumentary format.

"Yeah, I think it's more cinematic than The Office and Parks and Rec, as the subject matter is the whole branch of the armed forces and this mission," Daniels said. "It depends. I mean, I think you'll find a little bit similar, but it's also just on a bigger scale. That's a good question."

Daniels added, "I mean, there are some similarities and there are some differences. It looks more like a movie than a documentary. But on the other hand, it's also a character comedy, which is similar."

The showrunner explained that the genesis of the show came from star Steve Carell, who was meeting with Netflix about potential ideas before Daniels became involved.


"Well, there was an executive at Netflix who had a meeting with Steve, and said, 'All right, two words. Space Force. What about that?'" Daniels said. "Because he was trying to get Steve interested in an idea, and Steve called me and said, 'How about something called, Space Force? What about that? You've got any ideas?'"

The first season of Space Force is now streaming on Netflix.